YOUth COOPs: Promoting social and cooperative entrepreneurship for young people

Project code: 2018-2-ES02-KA205-011519

 YOUth COOPs is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of European Union.

The project pursues the implementation of innovative practices in order to create a favourable environment for young people to engage in social cooperative entrepreneurship in their local communities, through the aim of bringing closer the youth organizations to the world of cooperatives, thus enabling young people to fully take advantage of the cooperative enterprise model.


WELCOME in YOUth COOPs Open Learning Portal! Here you will find and swap resources about social entrepreneurship and its value in the innovation, basic/transversal skills, business field and non-formal education. Using the YOUth COOPs Online Learning Portal you will be provided with a complete supported learning experience on social entrepreneurship!

The E-Portal is not just an online distance learning program, but also a depository for all interactive learning materials co-created and sponsored by the partner organizations of YOUth COOPs project.


The learning portal is divided in the following main categories:

    1) FIND
    In this section you can FIND everything on YOUth COOPs project, for example:
      - the activities, the international partnership, main results and outputs
      - the training tools, including interactive modules based on a common format, free to download and accessible
      - Learning Models (developed during the Learning Activity in Spain, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Italy)
      - Business Model Canvas on Social Cooperatives

    2) SHARE
    In this section you can SHARE tools, material, and also your opinion on the project! You will find:
      - Resources: reference documents, regulations in force and recommendations and links related to social entrepreneurship at EU level;
      - Members and groups: facilitation of contacts between members of the project community
      - Private Forum: a section dedicated to keep in touch mentors and other learners.
      - Events realted with the project evolution

    3) IN-DEPTH
    In this section you can go IN-DEPTH in the EU projects world!
      - EU projects and call for proposals related to social entrepreneurship, non formal education and innovation in the social business field
      - News and articles

    4) “LET’S TRAIN!”
    This section contain the guidate procedure for the training programme on the Business Model Canvas on Social Cooperatives. It will also contain the procedure necessary to obtain the certification of the competences.

Now take you time to discover the whole portal!
Enjoy it!

    Available courses

    The training is focused on providing participants with skills to identify and analyse social needs in their community and meet those needs with social innovation strategies.

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